Liang Bo exposure good voice story script to read the manuscript 3u8895

Liang Bo exposure good voice story script: "to read the manuscript" no public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: liangbo has good sound exposure to "draft" the script read liangbo about former in "The Voice of China" is to "draft" talk "in the former experience liangbo The Voice of China" is to "draft" talk "in the former experience liangbo The Voice of China" is to "release sub" talk "in the former experience liangbo The Voice of China" is to "draft" through Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Zhejiang TV show "signs, The Voice of China" since the launch of high ratings, even later because of copyright issues, and changed its name into "Chinese song sound", is still the topic with fever, which tutor Na Ying [micro-blog] as "5 veterans", so the program can be said to be red again, and she brought out the 3 quarter total champion, is all the tutor of the crown, she also often take this as to learn The incentives, but there are many netizens questioned her new tricks, always liking to sing love songs of the trainees, and recently "good voice" to share the first quarter champion game history, Na Ying’s troops in the way of hot lead method. "The sound" first quarter Champions liangbo [micro-blog], the day before on the show "every day" in the "champion King night" theme, the sharing process and other talent show champion, talk to "sound good" students played before the game, there are many stories to share, host Wang Han asked, "have you come straight to the point, director, the writers say to you, the Taiping (story) can not be said of the light, not something in the house?" Liang Bo said, indeed, said he was very happy to receive a birthday of the guitar, he received the "Manuscript" to read the content for him to get a gift after "trembling", "I am dumb", let his heart full of doubt, say "I cannot say that I did not. What problem, what I ma?" He said at the time with Champions Na Ying, Liang Bo bluntly "I feel she is the best teacher", because Na Ying never interfere with themselves, "she said I don’t care you, what you do I will support you, although liangbo think it is good, but after the broadcast, causing more netizens questioned Na Ying" the tutor competency ", she will only let the soldiers laugh acid washed themselves, how to fight? That she would not bring people, the hands of the 3 champion is the students themselves really capable, she did not have any merit. In fact, the "new song" students this season Li Peiling, once in the interview revealed that Na Ying did not teach in the finals to win her secret, she is to sing songs on the line. (commissioning editor: Kita) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章:

Guy will 20cm data cable into the urethra, said the video to seek excitement (video)

The guy will 20cm data line into the urethra said watching video data line will seek to stimulate small unexpectedly into the urethra so bad imitation is such a young man, watching a video on the Internet, even imitate the inside of the action, the wire inserted into his urethra, turned himself into the operation room. Doctors said the operation of the whole process for more than an hour, as the patient is so complex, is still relatively rare. The three section mobile phone data cable, you can imagine, it is taken from a guy in the urethra? Well, this nearly twenty cm long data line, how to do in this guy, guy answered a little surprise. The doctor said, the guy is drunk, according to online video, will be charged on the inside of the line, he describes the charging line is about twenty cm. After watching the guy’s case, the doctor immediately to the guy surgery, but this surgery is not small. The doctor told reporters, these crooked place, are in the urethra inside the discount open the urethra, found that this knot, consider the patient’s own knot. Consider the feelings of the guy, we did not bother him. The doctor reminded that the network video, do not understand the situation, do not imitate at will. After the patient is also very regret to wake up, the male urethra is slender, narrow, foreign body into the body will lead to mucosal damage, online video suggest that we do not follow suit, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to themselves.相关的主题文章:

The second session of the global Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search ceremony held grand maste baxia

The second session of the global Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search ceremony held in Hunan Grand Master Award winning the evening of October 29th, "the second session of the global Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search ceremony awards ceremony held in Hunan University. (source: Red Net) [original title] the second session of the global Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search ceremony held in Hunan grand master Zhang Qizhi prize for the night of October 29th, "the second session of the global Chinese awards ceremony" held in Hunan University. The event announced the global Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search award list, decades of preaching, writing argument of the grand master was the second Ancient Chinese Literature Search ceremony "overseas transmissibility Award"; China of Ideological and cultural history has long been engaged in the Ancient Chinese Literature Search Zhang Qizhi won the lifetime achievement award". The second session of the global Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search ceremony, from the ancient Yuelu Academy,, Phoenix, London and foundation jointly organized large-scale public cultural promotion activities aimed at "Internet plus Ancient Chinese Literature Search" mode of communication, to promote the healthy development and dissemination of Ancient Chinese Literature Search, carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, enhance the Chinese culture confident. The activities since the start of May 19, 2016, by more than two hundred scholars at home and abroad which lasted nearly five months of hard selection, the final selection of the 38 "Ancient Chinese Literature Search Achievement Award" and "Ancient Chinese Literature Search communications Award" and "Ancient Chinese Literature Search Lifetime Achievement Award three awards winners. The nine year old Grand Master to visit the scene, he passed VCR to Ancient Chinese Literature Search ceremony said, will do what we can do is to promote Chinese culture to contribute. 12 years into the Buddhist Master Hsing Yun, created Fo Guang Shan in Taiwan, advocating "Buddhism", he set up schools and public institutions in more than and 70 countries and regions, won the believers and the community respect. Zhang Qizhi Lifetime Achievement Award winner at the ceremony. Qizhi Zhang was born in 1927, under the tutelage of Hou Wailu and everyone, served as president of Northwestern University, he proposed "not to think instead of academic responsibility"; "Chinese induction thought political and ethical philosophy of dialectical thinking, heavy, heavy syncretic, heavy classics style" and "four" have demonstrated characteristics; the essence of Confucianism for humanity, such as Ancient Chinese Literature Search core proposition of harmony but not sameness. Zhang Qizhi said, China’s outstanding traditional culture is our root, we must stick to it, do a good job of heritage. If life can continue, but also in the six words: work, innovation, development." Unlike the first Ancient Chinese Literature Search ceremony, the achievement award of outstanding works Ancient Chinese Literature Search accepted 29 Ancient Chinese Literature Search field, including "China ancient culture" (Sun Ji), "by the release ceremony to Li Gui Ren" (Li Zehou), "on the origin of ancient thought — China combination of heaven with man" (Yu Yingshi), "the late Ming Dynasty the big change" (Fan Shuzhi), "twenty-first Century" Confucianism (Du Weiming), covers published in recent years many famous works at home and abroad. Reporters learned that the second session of the global Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search dissemination award this year for the first time open network nomination, individual or organization from friends recommend class more than 2000 copies, within one month of the votes of nearly 30 million people, which makes communication become netizens attention Ancient Chinese Literature Search award the highest award. According to the results of the final selection, "Cai Zhizhong collection" 18 volumes of the manga series Ancient Chinese Literature Search and Beijing Longquan temple made of "Xian two" animation.相关的主题文章:

Half of the American network is almost paralyzed – the international people’s network

Half of the U.S. network almost paralyzed – International – People’s network began in the eastern part of the United States, a massive Internet paralysis swept across the country 21. U.S. public service, social networking platform, the public network server has suffered unprecedented serious attacks, half of the U.S. network almost paralyzed. Some analysts said the attack is not only an alarming scale, but also a serious impact on people’s lives. "WikiLeaks" supporters or become suspicious of the cyber attacks. According to reports, the Internet attacks caused by paralysis of the Internet in the eastern United States, and then spread to some parts of Western Europe, resulting in the disruption of Internet traffic, so that a number of well-known sites affected. These sites include the social network Twitter, online payment service PayPal, streaming music service Spotify, as well as entertainment, news and social networking sites such as Reddit. The reason for the massive network paralysis is the United States network service provider Dean’s server was a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). This attack is mainly due to the use of reasonable service requests to take up as much as possible service resources, so that users can not get service response. Dean is a major domain name server (DNS) provider in the United states. Its customers include a number of industry leaders and well-known Internet Co. DNS is the core of the operation of the Internet, the main responsibility is to translate the contents of the user’s input into the computer can understand the IP address, which will be introduced to the correct site. Once attacked, the user will not be able to log on to the site. 21, the same day the hackers launched a total of three waves of network attacks. According to Dean, the company said to the media, the first wave of attacks occurred in the eastern United States at 7:10 am or so, the staff carried out repairs at 9:30 or so to restore operations. But at 11:52 a.m., another second wave of attack. The third attack occurred at 5 p.m.. Reporters in New York also felt the impact of cyber attacks, when the site is obviously feeling the speed slow, and online payment system is temporarily interrupted. Such as the United States on the web site of the online payment system was prompted by the impact of cyber attacks, online credit card payment interruption". There are reports that the network paralysis caused huge losses. According to a previous report said: more than 1/3 of companies suffered DDoS attacks after the loss of more than $20 thousand per hour (part of the company’s figure can reach one million dollars or even tens of millions of dollars). Taking into account the affected company is not only the Internet giant in the industry, but also other small site number, attack time and close to 6 hours, estimated according to this standard, the attack damage is astronomical. So far, the United States has not yet locked the suspect identity network attacks. U.S. officials acknowledged that the location of the source of cyber attacks has not been determined. Dean said the attack is clearly well planned and well executed, tens of millions of IP addresses at the same time to attack". The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says it is investigating the possibility of "all possible" traffic disruption相关的主题文章: